Brand Ambassadors

  • Dana Slagle

    Suplove Ambassdor since? April 2013

    Day job? I am Vice President of National Accounts for a Food Safety Company
    Called The Steritech Group. I am also a PaddleFit Affiliate - Coach and
    teach PaddleFit Classes for My Aloha Paddle Sports & Fitness. I am also a
    Flatwater SUP Guide at the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC.
    While traveling for my day job I write an adventure blog called ........that makes the "not so glamorous" business
    travel a little more fun and exciting. I try to find something new and
    unique in each city that I travel to.

    What inspires you? Seeing other people light up when they are "jolted out of
    their comfort zone" to try new things. My motto is "I'm in it to experience
    it" I don't have to win or be the best but I want experience as much as I

    Suplove boards you ride? Adventurer 11'2''

    Favourite place to paddle? Anywhere I can see wildlife......the Florida Keys
    are beautiful! Love seeing Manatees, Dolphins, Sting Ray, even nurse sharks!

    Best SUPLOVE moment? When Danny Ching Paddled beside me in Wrightsville
    Beach, NC and told me he liked my Suplove board...hahaha! I had to

    One quirky fact about you? I can wiggle my ears!

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  • Laura Andon

    Suplove Ambassdor since? September 2012

    Day job? Author; i have recently launched my new inspirational learn to surf book, The Ride Of Life. My day job varies each day from being a Brand Ambassador, Presenter, Model, and a High School PE teacher. I was also a Billabong professional surfer.

    What inspires you? People creating their own path in life. I gather plenty of inspiration and solace from surfing and being in the ocean. I'm inspired by my mother who has the greatest strength and courage i have come across. She is the epitome of inspiration! Travel and having new experiences is also a big inspiration to me. I find i personally grow as a person when I'm seeing new things and letting them affect me.

    Suplove board/s you ride? Adventurer.

    Favourite place to paddle? Burrill Lake near Ulladulla. The lake is stunning and as you paddle towards the ocean entrance, the clarity of the water just turns crystal-like and pristine. I also enjoy paddling through the Port Hacking in Cronulla - you can catch some fun little waves in there!!

    Best SUPLOVE moment? I took my boyfriend for a SUP adventure on our third date. It was the best day and we were catching a few fun waves together. It may have been the first time we kissed. Pretty special, right?!

    One quirky fact about you? I may be a little OCD because i like things tidy and in their place.

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  • Suzanne Yeo

  • Heather T Leo

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2014

    Day job? Owner and teacher of yoga at HTL Yoga Center and founder of INDY SUP Yoga, mom to four teenage sons, a paddle board riding bulldog, Gracie and wife to an amazing man.

    What inspires you? Anyone who is willing to step outside their comfort zone and try something new.

    Suplove boards you ride? Escape 10'6 and Adventurer 11'2''.

    Favourite place to paddle? I love cruising along the Midwest Rivers, especially in the early mornings or late evenings and quietly observing the beautiful blue herons.

    Best SUPLOVE moment? The day my first board arrived!

    One quirky fact about you? I'm a midwestern paddler :)

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  • Diana Turnball

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2014

    Day job? My day job is running my Sup company, FreshwaterSUPCo

    What inspires you? taking people out for sunrise paddles, giving lessons, holding corporate functions and sending out board rentals.

    Suplove boards you ride? I love all the Suplove boards but love the Odyssey the best..

    Favourite place to paddle? I love to paddle everywhere but the lake in front of my house is the best as the lake changes at any given moment and the sunrises are spectacular, different everyday.

    Best SUPLOVE moment? Best Suplove moment was taking my sunrise crew to the Bluffs one morning. They were in awe of the beauty of it all. I got some great pics of the girls on their Suplove boards.

    One quirky fact about you? Quirky fact about me that a loaded question? I can not choose one ok...I chase sea dos to catch more waves

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  • Heather Minns

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2014

    Day job? Organizational Growth and Learning Coordinator, Human Resources, Blue Mountain Resorts Limited. Try and say that title three times! Monday to Friday, I organize staff events, leadership training sessions, new hire orientations, employee recognition programs, and much much more!

    What inspires you? My friends and family. They make me be the best ME that I can be.

    Suplove boards you ride? The Escape with Aqua rail and Hawaii navy traction pad. I can't wait to try out the Stingray.

    Favorite place to paddle? I haven't had the opportunity to paddle outside of Ontario. That being said, my favorite place to paddle is on Lake Huron during sunset. Best sunsets in Ontario are along the Lake Huron Waterfronts.

    Best SUPLOVE moment? Paddling with my best friend's Golden Retrievers. So fun playing around on the board with them. the Suplove boards are so stable for dog use!

    One quirky fact about you? I've been known around work as the bacon-ator because I have bacon most mornings. The day isn't complete unless Bacon is involved.

    Find me here @heatherminns on Instagram and Heather Minns on Facebook

  • Amanda Minton

    Suplove Ambassdor since? May 2015

    What inspires you? Travel inspires me. When I find myself rut-stuck and in need of some fresh perspective, I book a ticket. Whether it's a last-minute weekend trip to Jamaica or a slightly better planned month in India; I love the punch of a new place. I am immediately reminded that the world that is an intimately and well connected place; we are one. My problems are small and they are created by fear; love from perfect strangers always lights up the dark. And I quickly remember that Good that I can do by living out my passion is enormous and worth every risk.

    Suplove boards you ride? Escape! Intermediate Ocean Yoga Paddling is my thing ;)

    Favourite place to paddle? Florida Keys. I live on a rock surrounded by the ocean!

    Best SUPLOVE moment? On Sundays we take the boat and our SUPLOVE boards out to the Sandbar. We bring our dog aboard and paddle around to see all of our friends!

    One quirky fact about you? My formal education is in Exotic Animal Training.

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  • Helene Fillon

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2014

    Day job?
    Suplove boards you ride? My top favourites are the Mach 1 in aqua or pink as its perfect for surf and flat water, its a smaller more maneuverable board which I LOVE. I also use the 10' Odyssey. We do carry the Escape and Adventurer but I definitely like the smaller boards :)

    Favorite place to paddle? Manitoulin Island, Lake Huron. Its got waves and flat water, crystal clear turquoise waters and endless wild beaches!

    Best SUPLOVE moment? Catching my first tandem wave surfing on the 10' odyssey with my 50 lb dog "Eywa" (half border collie, half lab..100% water addict)

    One quirky fact about you? I love pirate movies!!! I would also love to be a pirate for a day haha. Seriously considering building a cool flag and putting it on my sup and just paddling around the lake all day commandeering people's paddleboats.

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  • Antonio Acuna

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2014

    Day job? I work at Cash Money and they are really supportive of what I do in my spare time such as Surf and SUP. Everybody at work thinks I am crazy for the sports I do and they all are interested on what I do at the same time.

    What inspires you? What inspires me is kindness. People who are able to always be kind to others no matter what situation they are in will never stop to amaze me. I get a really good feeling when I am surrounded by people who are kind. It is a great energy the one they project. I always try to make sure I am projecting the same type of vibe wherever I go so that everyone I interact with can enjoy that great feeling. Something else that inspires me quite a bit is being able to share with others what I know and affect them in such a way that their lifestyle will remain changed forever. That is why I enjoy sharing with anyone how to surf & SUP anywhere I go. I have been teaching how to surf since I was 11 years old and 3 years ago I started teaching SUP. Getting people to experience these sports is fantastic, the happiness in their eyes when they finally get it is revitalizing and encouraging to say the least!

    Suplove boards you ride? I have been riding the SUPlove Odyssey and Adventurer to go along rivers and teach people how to SUP. They are so friendly for everyone to learn on and yet so slim and resistant I really like these boards. As of late I have tried out the Mach 1 and I love how easy it is to move around. You can use the Mach I to cruise by and it is also a nice Surf-SUP which I love - perfect size to take always all over and have lots of fun!

    Favorite place to paddle? For long paddles I like to go down calm rivers and enjoy the wildlife you can see on the shorelines or in the water. Here in Sudbury, there are over 200 lakes within the city, and many more in the surrounding area. Therefore, my favorite place keeps changing the more I explore! So far the best spot I have SUPed is a little lake called Silver lake near home; it has a couple of cliffs that are amazing. I have already jumped off of one and the second one is higher and goes straight down under water - I will have to take a look at the bottom before I jump off of that one! Just paddling along these two cliffs and observing the rock formations and water around is breathtaking! I am sure next week I will find another lake or river that is similar or even better - definitely looking forward to it!

    Best SUPLOVE moment? We went out paddling along the shore of Providence Bay in Manitoulin Island, Ontario last summer. Helene, my fiancee was paddling with Eywa our dog. The rock formations are fantastic and the crystal clear waters are comparable to those in the Caribbean sea with white sand beaches. The sun was high up in the sky and on our way back our dog Eywa almost jumped off the SUP, she had spotted a large Salmon swimming along with us underneath the SUPlove boards! It was an amazing view together with my family and our SUPlove boards to see such a beautiful fish in his natural habitat!

    One quirky fact about you? I was born in Lima, Peru where we have some of the best surf around the world. Now I leave in Canada and surf the Great Lakes of North America every chance I get!!!

    Find me here https:// Instagram: antonioacuna/

  • Karissa Becker

    Suplove Ambassdor since? May 2015

    Day job? I am a stay at home mother of two

    What Inspires you? I am inspired by my two delightful children, their wonder and curiosity always inspires me to want to know more and do more in the world around us. I am also inspired by my IG community, where i see so many incredible feats of the human body I can't help but want to grow and practice and do more myself!

    Suplove boards you ride? Adventurer - Light blue rim, with Tie Dye grip

    Favorite place to paddle? My favorite place to take my board is Elk Lake in Central Oregon.

    Best SUPLOVE moment? One of my favorite moments on my Suplove board was the very first time I was able to take it out, and my little kids were riding on it with me, they were so brave and I couldn't have been prouder. Another favorite moment was witnessing my husband try out my board and doing a headstand on it!

    One quirky fact about you? I was a wrestler on an all boys team through jr high and high school, and I rode a motorcycle during that time. I am always game for an adventure.

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  • Robyn Bell

    Suplove Ambassdor since? April 2015

    What Inspires you? Exploring new places. Whether it's a day trip on my suplove or a roadtrip across Canada, I love getting outside and finding little hidden gems. That's one of the great things about SUP - you can access a lot of places on your board that you wouldn't normally be able to!

    Suplove boards you ride? Adventurer with purple rails and striped traction pad

    Favorite place to paddle? It would have to be a toss up between the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay, or the mountain lakes of the Canadian Rockies!

    Best SUPLOVE moment? Leaving the crowded beaches behind and paddling out to some of the islands in Georgian Bay.

    One quirky fact about you? My friends have labeled me as a crazy cat lady, even though I only have one cat. Her name is Piper and she's one sassy little furball!

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  • Holly Lanigan

    Suplove Ambassdor since? May 2014

    Day job? Owner and operator of My Scrubs. I'm also a wife and mother of two

    What Inspires you? My husband, children and wonderful friends I surround myself with, inspire me.

    Suplove boards you ride? 11'2 Adventurer and 10'6 Escape

    Favorite place to paddle? The river with my sup posse paddling group

    Best SUPLOVE moment? Organizing and attending our two sup yoga events here in Medicine Hat.

    One quirky fact about you? My 1st addiction was lululemon and has now clearly shifted to SUPLOVE and SUPing

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  • Heather Phillips

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2015

    Day job? I am a full-time stay at home mom and a freelance American Sign Language Interpreter

    What inspires you? I find inspiration in so many places. There is so much inspiration in the universe, our planet, and each other if we allow ourselves to be open to it.

    Suplove boards you ride? I ride an 11'2

    Favorite place to paddle? There are so many beautiful places where I live- so favorites include Whiskeytown, castle lake- a glacial lake in Far Northern California and the Sacramento River (because I can get there on my bike!)

    Best SUPLOVE moment? Getting out onto the water for the first time was so amazing! I can't wait for all the memories to be made!

    One quirky fact about you? 5 years ago, when my son was just 18 months old, I sold my car and bought a cargo bike. People think I'm nuts to bike with my two young children year-round- especially in a city that reaches the high 110'sF, but I am determined that there has to be a way to live without so much reliance on the automobile and save time and money.

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  • Ann Marie Furr

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2015

    Day job? Elementary Visual Arts Teacher - I teach little people how to be creative and express themselves through all types of art processes and materials. Organized chaos, but an adventure daily! I also have an Etsy shop where I sell my own art & handwritten creations.

    What inspires you? My youngest students always inspired me with each art lesson. They are so unafraid to try new things. I learn so much from them daily. I am also inspired by my friends and family. They are my cheerleaders in life.. always motivating me to never give up on what makes me happy.

    Suplove boards you ride? Adventurer with Orange rail & Stripe Pad & Mach 1 with Teal rail and Mosaic Pad

    Favorite place to paddle? Anywhere I can! My family lives on 40 acre lake developed by my Grandfather. I love to paddle out there... It's always calm and filled with childhood memories. I also love paddling in the intra-coastal waterways & canals along the Ocean Isle Beach coast in North Carolina... love the salty air.)

    Best SUPLOVE moment? Paddling with my pup, Fen. At first he was a little nervous, but now he's hooked!

    One quirky fact about you?I love anything with sprinkles. :)

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  • Karina Moore

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2015

    Day job? I am a Senior Leader in the Financial Industry. On weekdays I can be found in my suits & heels whereas on the weekend, I am barefoot in yoga gear.

    What inspires you? I am energized by people and experiences. Growing up moving and traveling so often, I easily adapted to a variety of places, quickly made new friends and have plenty of stories along the way. I love to hear people's journeys through life and find out what motivates them. In particular, the yoga and water sports community brings together a special type of person that isn't afraid to sweat, get sand in their hair and leads a healthy lifestyle.

    Suplove boards you ride? 10' Odyssey - I love the ability to transition from a SUP Yoga practice to an ocean SUP experience.

    Favorite place to paddle? Any new body of water around the world. As I travel to different cities and countries, I seek out SUP rental shops to explore the local areas whether it be the ocean, a marina, lagoon or lake.

    Best SUPLOVE moment? I'm fortunate to live in Southern California where the seals, dolphins and whales frequent the south bay. To be paddling in the open ocean and be surprised by a humpback whale is breathtakingly beautiful. My best moment was a day with our local whale Archie who came to say hi a very few short feet from my board.

    One quirky fact about you? I love all animals but specifically have a fascination with dangerous animals. I have been taking pictures with pythons wrapped around in a headstand and on my list of to-do's is swim with sharks.

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  • Jennifer Gregory

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2015

    Day job? Currently looking for day's a full-time job! Part-time SUP Instructor, Photographer, and Photo Editor of Salt & Water Magazine

    What inspires you? The ocean, surfing, nature, positive vibes, people who follow their passions and live life to the fullest

    Suplove boards you ride?

    Favorite place to paddle? Malibu and Hawaii. But most of the time you can find me paddling in Marina Del Rey, CA (Marina sunset paddles are pretty epic).

    Best SUPLOVE moment? Paddling with whales, dolphins, and sea lions earlier this year in Redondo Beach, CA (with fellow Suplove Ambassador, Karina Moore). Seeing a humpback whale fully breach out of the water, just hundreds of feet away from me, was the most awe-inspiring, amazing SUP experience ever!

    One quirky fact about you? I'm terrified of seagulls! But not enough to keep me from the beach... Just don't feed the birds or eat your lunch anywhere near me!

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  • Ginny Kauffman

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2015

    Day job? Yoga Instructor

    What inspires you? People who overcome difficulties with grace and perseverance. Nature. Art. Anyone who is doing work, playing and loving from their heart.

    Suplove boards you ride? Adventurer 11'2

    Favorite place to paddle? Willamette River in Portland OR, Lacamas Lake in Camas WA, and pretty much anywhere that's beatiful and smooth and there aren't a ton of boats and jet skis ;o)

    Best SUPLOVE moment? Peeling away the layers of cardboard and laying eyes on my new board for the first time! Second best - paddling on it the first time! It felt wonderful! Smooth like butter :)

    One quirky fact about you? I am a HUGE Van Halen fan and have been since age 13. Even have a VH tattoo ;o)

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  • Laure Ray

    Suplove Ambassdor since? June 2015

    Day job? Mom, Jewelry Artist, Swim Coach

    What inspires you? My stars make my world go round... my 2 amazing daughters, my husband, my Mom and Dad and brother with his family, my bestest of best friends abroad and local, my dogs. And water... shower water, pool water, river water, lake water, sea water, ocean water, estuaries... okay, maybe not laundry water or dish water!

    Suplove boards you ride? 10'6"

    Favorite place to paddle? Our favorite place to paddle in Virginia is Lake Anna. The sheer amount of natural shoreline at Lake Anna is amazing, the State Park is right in the center. We have seen so much wildlife, in a single paddle we will see fish, turtles, pileated woodpeckers, herons, egrets, bald eagles, deer, and horses being ridden on the trails in the park. We also love exploring our local James River and it's many parks on the river. There are so many places to paddle just within a 50 mile radius that we haven't ventured too far from home, but we will! )

    Best SUPLOVE moment? So far, getting our boards home and unpacking! My kids faces lit up... I'm pretty sure mine was the brightest though! Next is our first paddle at Lake Anna, it's hard to pick a favorite when none are bad! Each is special

    One quirky fact about you?I have fallen asleep under water, you really need to ask me how, it's an awesome story!!

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  • Cindy Libby-Green

    Suplove Ambassdor since? May 2015

    Day job? Executive Director of a Home Care Agency that provides care and support to the frail elderly

    What inspires you? The magnificence of the beach at sunrise and God's unfailing grace.

    Suplove boards you ride? 10'6" Blue rim with Madras deck pad

    Favorite place to paddle? Barbados, WI- when I can get there, otherwise, the Chesapeake Bay

    Best SUPLOVE moment? When I was growing up my dad nicknamed me Grace, because I was so clumsy! I was always walking into walls and tripping over things. I am still that way today and have no idea how I manage to do yoga or SUP!

    One quirky fact about you?I have fallen asleep under water, you really need to ask me how, it's an awesome story!!

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